Water stories

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Eveningsky in July, la Naute (Creuse), France.


Untraceable (tree).

September 2014, Beuningen, Netherlands.

One or two.

Summer fiesta 2014 at De Kaaij, Nijmegen, Netherlands.

Snowy tails at midnight.

Take your time (it took mine)…

Rosebud – teardrop.

)*( In my memory I will stay in yours See all you see   and keep it here & there So share it with me – Damn it! (I mean  anyway  You will!)   Because once we were into it together Caught by the drop stranded on a branche We will fall down on the … Lees verder


Vaantjes ontbraken Vanzelf loste de vloot op Ging alle kanten uit over golfjes links         rechts uit elkaar Drijvend en soms diep zinkend weg Soms verzonk dus hier  (dreef uit elkaar) rechts en                daar links en over de golven   en alle kanten uit een … Lees verder

To catch a gleaming fish.

)*( To catch a gleaming fish in black water unwhite like iridescent mother of pearl throw out a thin line sheer transparent long and sleek & do not forget to hook a dark feeling on it deep down inside

Message from my snowy soul, it …

)*( … says that “It is cristal clear In this sensible spot there is no escape at all Them shards are obviously global And if someone tried to do something about it (Tapping on it – for God’s sake!) I would scatter     and evanescence in several ways”

Low land (ancient spot).

At Fort Pannerden, 01-01-2013.         There’s a poem under this beautiful picture 😉 {} To have a look on the ancient spot just being there in this enlightened scenery brought me Reasonable Thinking as a companion So I like to narrow it all in a ray of land & lower it under … Lees verder

Water story with skies in a few pictures within seconds.

Majestic skies! At Fort Pannerden, between ‘Rijn’ and ‘Waal’, first day of January.

Another water story in eight pictures and half a minute.

Funny, one would only have to stare into the deep. Than the flood does it all. Fort Pannerden, river the ‘Waal’, first of January

A water story in ten pictures and one minute.

Fort Pannerden, where a ray of land splits the river in two. Here the ‘Waal’-part. Light was changing within two minutes. This on the first of january 2013…

“Arnold Schwarzenegger is een diepzinnig man…

“ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is een diepzinnig man. Hij zei “I’ll be back!” Ik dacht nog, dat kan niet – hij is dood. Toch kwam hij terug. Like Jezus.” (@dnikdoog) Please lift up your body and walk on the sea Reach out for the grapes on this shore Don’t you lie and whisper  they  ‘could not exist’ … Lees verder


Preparing for Korea! 😊 Making a home of the classroom. Monologues written by pupils on the wall, posters funny shawls and shoes everywhere. Drama & music. Texel. One meal, too much plastic. Hate it. When will supermarkets stop thinking one would ask for it? End of holidays, end of endless times. Staring in great nothingness is fun. We were totally surprised. The three of us. #Texel #seal #Paal30
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