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Eveningsky in July, la Naute (Creuse), France.


One or two.

Summer fiesta 2014 at De Kaaij, Nijmegen, Netherlands.

Four views on light & darkness with Camera Obscura.

LOW PARKAMOOR, Grizedale, Lake District, 2013

Woman with apricot umbrella disappearing.

The boring neighbourhoods of small minds & great thinking

Our visit to Low Parkamoor (Coniston Lake, Lake District) for about a month this summer, brought it all together: themes as House & Home, feel well just where you are, find poetry in boring neighbourhoods and dark livingrooms (although our spot up the hill was sublime, even some Coniston-streets down under where typical british grey … Lees verder

Photographic studies on ‘homeland’, part II

Place cursor, click later… Been there… But if changes were there, and there were, (one or two) but no more clouds…

Photographic studies on ‘homeland’, part I.

Click on it.

In time we lost modernity.

(Foto: Sibylla Weisweiler.) Kunstenaarsgroep De Familie een maand in Low Parkamoor, Lake District. Voor de gelegenheid met Sibylla Weisweiler uit Berlijn en José Grasso. Vincent van Delft ging dit keer niet mee. Sibylla en ik hebben ons de camera obscura techniek eigen gemaakt gedurende het verblijf in Grizedale Forest, een hei- en moerasgebied, afgewisseld met … Lees verder

Nostalgia, pretty old lady.

(Walking from Low Parkamoor to High Nibhtwaite, end of july 2013.) What if Nostalgia, pretty old lady, is trying to tell me something? And if so, What would I like to hear? Shall she speak out loud or will she be whispering in my ear? But if I do not like her knocking at my … Lees verder

Messages from the birds.

Who where they? Where have they been?

Nature picks up the pieces.

Although it was a ruin last spring, it wasn’t really a disaster. Nature picks up the pieces. Nice walk in the meadows nearby, brings me back to my youth. Just strolling, together with my father. Told me so much about flora – can’t recall it – but the smell of fresh weeds & flowers, it stays in … Lees verder

Low land (ancient spot).

At Fort Pannerden, 01-01-2013.

Another water story in eight pictures and half a minute.

Funny, one would only have to stare into the deep. Than the flood does it all. Fort Pannerden, river the ‘Waal’, first of January

A water story in ten pictures and one minute.

Fort Pannerden, where a ray of land splits the river in two. Here the ‘Waal’-part. Light was changing within two minutes. This on the first of january 2013…

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