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Trailer ‘Frogtime Poetry’- soapy poetry from your pond’.

Frogtime Poetry – teaser.

Peter Bremer made this beautiful teaser. We had our first spoken word performance at Brebl – Jazz pool night, Nijmegen. With Fred van Duijnhoven and Eugène Flören (drums, percussion, piano). Looking forward to next occasion and waiting for the registered performance.

Onthou dit.

The woman spits on the floor and I love it! – Patti Smith

(Foto’s onderin.) Veel tijd had ik niet. De werkdruk was flink – maar mijn portemonnee voelde slap. Weinig echte escape: smijten zat er niet in. Oef! Waar was hier het ventiel? Ik moest eruit. Tweeënvijftig ben ik, ongeveer 1 week lang nog. Ik deed van alles om hier te komen  en wie ik ben, dat hoeft … Lees verder

Just recovering from a daylight coma.

There was a ‘sometimes’ which left me & came back as 1 enduring night I should have left this 1 behind   But I am just recovering from a daylight coma Sometimes I am


WoW ! Strange things happen Saw this movie       An unhappy boy disappeared in his book & left ‘un’happiness behind him Flew on the shoulders of a white fluffy Dragon with dog’s eyes Like the one that lays here like a harmless teddy Oh boy! Happy girl

Mijn beurt – My turn

Voor het slapen wacht het licht                       Light waits for those hours to come urenlang op zijn beurt                                      on its turn Ik ook         … Lees verder

Wait for the dearest of frogs

I    will be the first    I will be green   I will be one of hence  Of us I will be I will be a nobody        ten a penny    I will be thousands     But nobody will be me Be me! Wait for the dearest to come! Till morning YOU will be the first & see

In a state of amplexus – free frogs, part 6

We   are   not   in love You can shoot us if we were & if you like to We just have things on our mind in a state of amplexus *) for a day or two We   don’t   make love although it hurts in a certain way: tightness of chest fear of overwhelming & who’s who? … Lees verder

About what happened last night.

I write during the night In the meanwhile you sleep silently I wish to be locked up in your dreams Pictures on a pillow Sequences like in a movie I try to catch them black on white – no: white in black with a trembling pencil lonesome in my hand ₰ But you gave my words no … Lees verder

Frog’s coming dance (nightlife), part 5

This coming dance   It feels like a silky dress   So no harm done: between us a négligé of drifting water is moving our feet & legs & hips Helps us to get together soggy-bodied drowned in love

I am incognito (Frog’s ‘Hi!’), part 4

Hi! Here I am back in your garden as I told you before. So why the surprise  my love and why this DeLight? In your wide open eyes I observe   the click of a  Nikon The one you are holding right there to catch me again &  again &  again. But   I know how to plunge in your pond … Lees verder


Summertime, time to read and think about what you've read. Love those non-picture subjects. This one I made standing on a chair, looking through our new window under the roof top. Still life with scooter and long distance sculpture, right in the centre. My daily view when I leave school. In my backgarden. Limoncello in nispero colors. We talked and dreamed about it, those endless harvests of nispero fruit in Spain, with good friends. Remembering Spain, Callosa & Valencia 😊. Hole in the tree. Nervous birdy-noise came out of it.
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